The Book Series, published in electronic open access, shall be a permanent platform of discussion and comparison, experimentation and dissemination, promoting the achievement of methodological action-research goals, in order to enforce the development of the territories and of the local and European identities, starting from the cultural heritage and from the Mediterranean Area.

  • knowledge: Language, history, tradition and art have always conveyed dialogic relations and interpersonal relationships within societies, founding on otherness the peculiarities understood as knowledge development, processes, sedimentation and transformation. What becomes peculiar is the "knowledge" as the achievement of an advantage derived from the possession of unique and inimitable knowledge.
  • Culture and Heritage: Culture, understood as its cultural heritage, is proposed as one of the privileged areas of the "new economy". In fact, the encounter between culture and territory represents one of the most valuable opportunities for development.
  • Each manuscript submitted in English will be subject to double-blind peer reviewing.
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    Recent Submissions

    • People and goods on the move 

      Çaykent, Özlem; Zavagno, Luca (Fisciano, Italy : ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge, 2016)
      The present volume aims at offering a less detailed but chronologically broader survey of the agents of the above mentioned matrix of communications across the Mediterranean basin from the early Medieval to the Modern era. ...
    • Borders and conflicts in the Mediterranean Basin 

      D'Angelo, Giuseppe; Martins Ribeiro, Jorge (Fisciano, Italy : ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge, 2016)
      The aim of this book, indeed, is re-reading the history of the Mediterranean basin starting from a double interpretative key: sea and border. In order to avoid possible misunderstandings it is good to clarify the sense of ...
    • Beyond the Borders : The Mediterranean between Cultures, Migrantions and Life-world 

      Benguerna, Mohamed; Mangone, Emiliana (Fisciano, Italy : ICSR Mediterranean Knowledge, 2016)
      This book resulted from a rich collaboration between sociologists of different nationalities and reflects on Mediterranean as a strategic element to overcome the current crisis in Europe, becoming stimuli for the review ...