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    • Statistics and medicine: the indispensable know-how of the researcher 

      Romano, Rosalba; Gambale, Emilia (2013)
      Statistics has often been misunderstood in Medicine, but it is indispensable knowledge both for the experimenter and the reader. Statistical methods allow to study diseases, patients, and epidemiological events. ...
    • To be or not to be translational 

      Anastasio, Antonio; Armenante, Annunziata; Gimigliano, Anna; Moscarino, Azzurra; Panzera, Stefania; Romano, Rosalba; Russo, Ilaria; Scarpati, Giuliana (2013)
      Translational Research means different things to different people, but it seems crucial to almost everyone. This discipline, although defined differently in academia, regulatory institutions, and industry, shares the ...
    • The use of noninvasive ventilation outside the intensive care unit: a clinical case report 

      Romano, Annamaria; Salvati, Armenio; Romano, Rosalba; Mastroberardino, Michele (2013)
      Noninvasive Ventilation (NIV) is one of the best weapon at our disposal to treat respiratory failure. The early use of NIV out of the Intensive Care Unit can improve patients’ outcome. A 58-year-old man affected ...