Recent Submissions

  • Chronotopes of delivery: grounding the cultural politics of Moroccan theatre 

    Hinda, Abdeladim (Avellino : Associazione culturale Sinestesie, 2018)
    The article seeks to highlight the chronotopes of delivery in modern Moroccan theatre and show how and when the act of grounding its cultural politics took place. It unmasks Lyautey’s dynamics of colonial modernity and ...
  • Rethinking Britain 

    Akabli, Jamal (Avellino : Associazione culturale Sinestesie, 2018)
    The fever of colonisation over with, though not quite so, war-ripped Britain became a magnet for immigrants in dire need of bettering their lot, thus «reversing the journey made by generations of British emigrants», all ...
  • The theatre of War and Counterculture in the dramaturgy of Ahmed Yerima 

    Ogheneruro Okpadah, Stephen (Avellino : Associazione culturale Sinestesie, 2018)
    The call for authenticity and originality in the documentation of history has created a counterbalance in historiography and culture. While the intellectual polemic between historians such as Peter Ekeh and Bala Usman ...