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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
17-Apr-2018Development of an adaptive hierarchical multi-scale approach for the assessment, planning and prevention of the impact on anthropic and natural environments due to the exceeding of radon gas concentrations above threshold values and the corresponding risk associated to indoor radon exposuresMancini, Simona; Scarpa, Roberto; Guida, Michele; Vilnitis, Martins
22-Mar-2017Graphene and carbon nanotubes in transistors, diodes and field emission devicesIemmo, Laura; Noce, Canio; Di Bartolomeo, Antonio
14-Apr-2016Superconductivity in S/F hybrids: a Scanning Probe Microscopy study of orbital interactionDi Giorgio, Cinzia; Noce, Canio; Bobba, Fabrizio; Iavarone, Maria
13-May-2013Fabrication of graphene based devices and study of their electrical and optical propertiesSantandrea, Salvatore; Persiano, Giuseppe; Di Bartolomeo, Antonio
21-Apr-2011Improvements in the acoustical modelling of traffic noise prediction: theoretical and experimental resultsIannone, Gerardo; Grella, Giuseppe; Quartieri, Joseph
20-Apr-2011The neutrino interaction analysis chain in OPERARescigno, Regina; Grella, Giuseppe; Grella, Giuseppe; Bozza, Cristiano; Autiero, Dario
3-Mar-2012Nb nanoporous ultrathin films: matching effects and interconnected wiresTrezza, Michele; Grella, Giuseppe; Attanasio, Carmine
30-Mar-2012Electric transport properties of S/F hybrids: weak and inhomogenous ferromagnetKatsiaryna, Ilyina; Grella, Giuseppe; Attanasio, Carmine
22-Apr-2013Study of the hadronic current in the neutrino interactions of the OPERA experimentStellacci, Simona Maria; Persiano, Giuseppe; Bozza, Cristiano
6-Jul-2018Electrical and thermal transport properties of superconducting materials relevant for applicationsAvitabile, Francesco; Scarpa, Roberto; Nigro, Angela; Grimaldi, Gaia; Leo, Antonio