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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
22-Mar-2017Graphene and carbon nanotubes in transistors, diodes and field emission devicesIemmo, Laura; Noce, Canio; Di Bartolomeo, Antonio
14-Apr-2016Superconductivity in S/F hybrids: a Scanning Probe Microscopy study of orbital interactionDi Giorgio, Cinzia; Noce, Canio; Bobba, Fabrizio; Iavarone, Maria
21-Apr-2011Improvements in the acoustical modelling of traffic noise prediction: theoretical and experimental resultsIannone, Gerardo; Grella, Giuseppe; Quartieri, Joseph
20-Apr-2011The neutrino interaction analysis chain in OPERARescigno, Regina; Grella, Giuseppe; Grella, Giuseppe; Bozza, Cristiano; Autiero, Dario
3-Mar-2012Nb nanoporous ultrathin films: matching effects and interconnected wiresTrezza, Michele; Grella, Giuseppe; Attanasio, Carmine
30-Mar-2012Electric transport properties of S/F hybrids: weak and inhomogenous ferromagnetKatsiaryna, Ilyina; Grella, Giuseppe; Attanasio, Carmine