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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)
14-Apr-2016Signatures of quantumness: identification, quantification and dynamical preservationCianciaruso, Marco; Noce, Canio; Blasone, Massimo; Adesso, Gerardo
30-Apr-2015Constraining models of extended theories of gravity with terrestrial and astrophysical experimentsStabile, Antonio; Noce, Canio; Lambiase, Gaetano
28-Apr-2016Non-markovian quantum dynamicsTorre, Gianpaolo; Noce, Canio; Illuminati, Fabrizio
4-Jun-2012Trasporto quantistico di spin in eterostrutture magneticheSorgente, Alessandro; Grella, Giuseppe; Citro, Roberta
10-May-2011Flavor mixing in quantum field theory and quantum informationDi Mauro, Marco; Grella, Giuseppe; De Siena, Silvio
6-Jun-2011Exact solutions in general relativity and alternative theories of gravity: mathematical and physical propertiesCanonico, Rosangela; Grella, Giuseppe; Vilasi, Gaetano
30-Apr-2015An insight into gravitational microlensing and the search for exoplanetary systemsD'Ago, Giuseppe; Noce, Canio; Bozza, Valerio
26-Apr-2012Particle mixing, two level systems and gauge theoryRaimondo, Gianluca; Grella, Giuseppe; Vitiello, Giuseppe