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Data di edizioneTitoloAutore/i
24-mag-2016New Insights on cryptographic hierarchical access control: models, schemes and analysisCastiglione, Arcangelo; Costagliola, Gennaro; De Santis, Alfredo; Masucci, Barbara
23-mag-2016Augmenting the Internet with a Trust Ecosystem for inter pares interactionsPascuccio, Fernando Antonio; Costagliola, Gennaro; Costagliola, Gennaro; Fuccella, Vittorio
18-mag-2016Synthesis of recursive state machines from libraries of game modulesDe Crescenzo, Ilaria; Persiano, Giuseppe; La Torre, Salvatore
24-mag-2016The Role of Distributed Computing in Big Data Science: Case Studies in Forensics and BioinformaticsRoscigno, Gianluca; Costagliola, Gennaro; Cattaneo, Giuseppe
12-mag-2016Models and Algorithms for Some Covering Problems on GraphsSilvestri, Selene; Costagliola, Gennaro; Cerulli, Raffaele; Laporte, Gilbert
4-mag-2015Improving Network Anomaly Detection with Independent Component AnalysisFiore, Ugo; Persiano, Giuseppe; De Santis, Alfredo
27-apr-2015Teamwork collaboration around simulation data in an industrial contextPirozzi, Donato; Persiano, Giuseppe; Scarano, Vittorio
5-mag-2015Compression and protection of multidimensional dataPizzolante, Raffaele; Persiano, Giuseppe; Carpentieri, Bruno
24-apr-2015ID-Based Key Agreement for WANETsRossi, Francesco; Persiano, Giuseppe; De Santis, Alfredo; Schmid, Giovanni
29-apr-2015The value of privacy: concerns, attitudes, behaviors online, and information protection measuresSpinelli, Raffaele; Persiano, Giuseppe; Scarano, Vittorio; Malandrino, Delfina
5-mag-2015Coverage in wireless sensor networks: models and algorithmsD'Ambrosio, Ciriaco
21-apr-20143D data visualization techniques and applications for visual multidimensional data miningTorre, Fabrizio; Persiano, Giuseppe; Costagliola, Gennaro
6-mag-2011Secure End-to-End Communications in Mobile NetworksPetagna, Fabio; Napoli, Margherita; De Santis, Alfredo
2-mag-2014Knowledge management and Discovery for advanced Enterprise Knowledge EngineeringNovi, Daniele; Persiano, Giuseppe; Gaeta, Matteo
24-apr-2014New methods, techniques and applications for sketch recognitionDe Rosa, Mattia; Persiano, Giuseppe; Castagliola, Gerardo; Fuccella, Vittorio
23-apr-2014On the evolution of digital evidence: novel approaches for cyber investigationDe Maio, Giancarlo; Persiano, Giuseppe; Cattaneo, Giuseppe
22-mar-2012Fuzzy concept analysis for semantic knowledge extractionDe Maio, Carmen; Persiano, Giuseppe; Loia, Vincenzo; Fenza, Giuseppe
29-mar-2012Designing usable mobile interfaces for spatial dataRomano, Marco; Persiano, Giuseppe; Vitiello, Giuliana; Ginige, Athula
18-feb-2011Automatic discovery of drug mode of action and drug repositioning from gene expression dataIorio, Francesco; Napoli, Margherita; Raiconi, Giancarlo; Di Bernardo, Diego
3-mar-2012Network anaomaly detection based on the observation of multi-scale traffic dynamicsPalmieri, Francesco; Persiano, Giuseppe; De Santis, Alfredo
Collection's Items (Sorted by Data di deposito in Discendente order): 1 to 20 of 27