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    • Pharmacological, Surgical and Diagnostic Innovations in Meniere's Disease: A review 

      Scarpa, Alfonso; Ralli, Massimo; De Bonis, Egidio; Troisi, Donato; Montanino, Arianna; Viola, Pasquale; Chiarella, Giuseppe; Gioacchini, Federico Maria; Cavaliere, Matteo; Cassandro, Ettore; Cassandro, Claudia (2020)
      Meniere's disease is an inner ear disorder characterized by the presence of endolymphatic hydrops in the inner ear and symptomatology of recurrent and debilitating vertigo attacks, tinnitus, aural fullness, and fluctuating ...
    • Psychological Stress and Cancer: New Evidence of An Increasingly Strong Link 

      Abate, Mario; Citro, Marianna; Caputo, Mariella; Pisanti, Simona; Martinelli, Rosanna (2020)
      To date stress, a highly complex process that disrupts homeostasis and involves environmental and psychosocial factors, is considered as one of the most crucial factor that affects our daily life, especially urban dweller's ...