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    • Algeria post Arab Spring: The Forced Virtualisation of the Borders 

      Dris-Ait Hamadouche, Louisa (2016)
      Algeria is the core of the Maghreb and shares land borders with seven countries Maghreb and Sahel countries. However, since 2011, none of the seven land borders is stable and se-cure. So, even if Algeria is considered as ...
    • El español y sus confines. Diversidad y uniformidad 

      Colucciello, Mariarosaria (2016)
      In this article we analyze the current situation of Spanish language in the world and its ancient “boundaries”, which are at the same time simple and structured, regular and variable, uniform and different. And while the ...
    • To Re-educate oneself to Citizenship within the Cultural Pluralism 

      Martini, Elvira; Vespasiano, Francesco (2016)
      In a world dominated by pluralism and where ‘diversity is reality’, the extension of citizen-ship becomes a hot topic of the conflict of modernity, so much so that many have discussed the possibility of a primacy of human ...