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    • Beyond the Disciplinary Borders : A New Challenge 

      D'Angelo, Giuseppe; Mangone, Emiliana (2016)
      Present society needs a new approach to knowledge, mainly required by the fast succession of the transformation of society and by the multidimensionality of the daily life problems. It is necessary, therefore, a more and ...
    • Driving Reflections about the Mediterranean Migrations 

      De Noronha, Teresa; Mangone, Emiliana (2018)
      The present paper refers to the general theoretical framing upon migrations and Mediterranean. It is an example of multidisciplinary view, which intertwines philosophic aspects and sociological requirements in a clearly ...
    • Review of Franco Ferrarotti, La vocazione del Mediterraneo, Chieti, Solfanelli, 2018 

      Coppola, Nicolamaria (2018)
      Review of the book La vocazione del Mediterraneo [The vocation of the Mediterranean], by Franco Ferrarotti, Chieti: Edizioni Solfanelli, 2018. ISBN: 978-88-3305-028-7.