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    • A nutritional approach to the prevention of cancer: from assessment to personalized intervention 

      Di Furia, L.; Rusciano, M. R.; Leonardini, L.; Rossi, P.; Giammarchi, C.; Tilocca, S.; Russo, F. L.; Montuori, P.; Triassi, M.; Nardone, A.; Giaimo, M. D.; Migazzi, M.; Piffer, S.; Iaria, A.; Trapasso, A.; Firenze, A.; Cristaudo, R.; Revello, M.; Castiglion, A.; Zagonel, V.; Iaccarino, G.; Addis, A.; Natale, L.; Di Somma, C.; Colao, A.; Perra, A.; Giova, K.; Illario, M. (2015)
      Among lifestyle factors, nutrition is one of the most important determinants of health, and represents a pivotal element of cancer risk. Nonetheless, epidemiological evidences of the relationship between several cancers ...