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    • Molecular biology of gliomas: present and future challenges 

      Altieri, Roberto; Agnoletti, Alessandro; Quattrucci, F.; Garbossa, Diego; Calamo Specchia, Francesco Maria; Bozzaro, Marco Marcello; Fornaro, Riccardo; Mencarani, Camilla; Lanotte, Michele; Spaziante, Renato; Alessandro, Ducati (2014)
      Malignant brain tumours are one of the most relevant causes of morbidity and mortality across a wide range of individuals. Malignant glioma is the most common intra axial tumor in the adult. Many researches on this theme ...
    • Role of nitric oxide in glioblastoma therapy: another step to resolve the terrible puzzle? 

      Altieri, Roberto; Fontanella, Marco; Agnoletti, Alessandro; Panciani, Pier Paolo; Spena, Gianantonio; Crobeddu, Emanuela; Pilloni, Giulia; Tardivo, Valentina; Lanotte, Michele; Zenga, Francesco; Ducati, Alessandro; Garbossa, Diego (2015)
      Glioblastoma Multiforme, the most common and aggressive primary brain tumor, remains incurable despite of the advent of modern surgical and medical treatments. This poor prognosis depends by the recurrence after surgery ...