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    • Focusing on diabetic ulcers 

      Setacci, Carlo; Benevento, Domenico; De Donato, Gianmarco; Viviani, Emanuela; Bracale, Umberto Marcello; Del Guercio, Luca; Palasciano, Giancarolo; Setacci, Francesco (2020)
      Foot ulcers associated with Diabetes mellitus require immediate attention due to risk of amputation if left untreated. Herein we focus on the mitigating risk factors and physiopathology of the diabetic foot, recounting ...
    • The influence of diabetes mellitus on the outcome of superficial femoral artery recanalization is debatable 

      Rizzo, Luigi; D’Andrea, Alessandro; Stella, Nazareno; Orlando, Pierangelo; Taurino, Maurizio (2020)
      Notwithstanding technological improvements in endovascular devices treatment of steno-obstructive lesions of the superficial femoral artery (SFA) remains a challenge for today’s vascular surgeon. Current opinion dictates ...