• 2. Ersilia Cipolletta, Michele Ciccarelli, Raffaele Izzo, Rosa Finelli, Bruno Trimarco, Guido Iaccarino A POLYMORPHISM WITHIN THE PROMOTER OF THE DOPAMINE RECEPTOR D1 (DRD1 -48A7G) ASSOCIATES WITH IMPAIRED KIDNEY FUNCTION IN WHITE HYPERTENSIVE PATIENTS (10-19)
  • 3. Simona Cotena, Ornella Piazza SEPSIS-ASSOCIATED ENCEPHALOPATHY (20-27)
  • 4. M.G.Caprio, D. Capacchione, C. Mainolfi, A.M. Spera, B. Salvatore, L. Cella, M. Salvatore, L. Pace 18F-FDG PET AND PET/CT IN THE LOCALIZATION AND CHARACTERIZATION OF LESIONS IN PATIENTS WITH OVARIAN CANCER 28-35)
  • 5. Domenico Solari; Alessandro Villa; Michelangelo De Angelis; Felice Esposito; Luigi Maria Cavallo; Paolo Cappabianca ANATOMY AND SURGERY OF THE ENDOSCOPIC ENDONASAL APPROACH TO THE SKULL BASE (36-46)
  • 6. Paladini P, Pellegrini A, Merolla G, Campi F, Porcellini G TREATMENT OF CLAVICLE FRACTURES (47-58)
  • 7. Guida Maurizio, Altieri Roberto, Palatucci Valeria, Visconti Federica, Pascale Renato, Marra Marialuisa, Locatelli Giampiero, Saponiero Renato, Tufano Rosalba, Bifulco Francesca, Ornella Piazza ANEURYSMAL SUBARACHNOID HAEMORRHAGE IN PREGNANCY: A CASE SERIES (59-63)
  • 8. Alessandro Vatrella, Immacolata Fabozzi NON-INVASIVE VENTILATION AWAY FROM ICU (64-65)
  • Recent Submissions

    • Non invasive ventilation away from ICU 

      Vatrella, Alessandro; Fabozzi, Immacolata (2012)
    • Sepsis-associated encephalopathy 

      Cotena, Simona; Piazza, Ornella (2012)
      Sepsis-associated encephalopathy (SAE) is defined as a diffuse or multifocal cerebral dysfunction induced by the systemic response to the infection without clinical or laboratory evidence of direct brain infection. Its ...
    • A polymorphism within the promoter of the dopamine receptor D1 (DRD1 -48A7G) associates with impaired kidney function in white hypertensive patients 

      Cipolletta, Ersilia; Ciccarelli, Michele; Izzo, Raffaele; Finelli, Rosa; Trimarco, Bruno; Iaccarino, Guido (2012)
      Dopamine DRD1 receptor regulates renal function and vascular resistance. It plays a role in the pathogenesis of hypertension in animal models. In humans, the DRD1 gene presents a A-48G polymorphism associated to hypertension ...
    • The clinical significance of delirium in the intensive care unit 

      Crimi, Claudia; Bigatello, Luca M. (2012)
      Delirium is prevalent among intensive care unit patients. It prolongs length of stay, increases costs, and is independently associated with higher mortality rates. While its specific biological pathways are largely unknown, ...
    • Aneurysmal subarachnoid haemorrhage in pregnancy: a case series 

      Guida, Maurizio; Altieri, Roberto; Palatucci, Valeria; Visconti, Federica; Pascale, Renato; Marra, Marialuisa; Locatelli, Giampiero; Saponiero, Renato; Tufano, Rosalba; Bifulco, Francesca; Piazza, Ornella (2012)
      Pregnancy is a recognized risk factor for aneurysmal subarachnoid hemorrhage (SAH). Headache is very frequent in normal pregnancy and it is a common sign shared between several intracranial diseases. We present a case ...
    • Treatment of clavicle fractures 

      Paladini, Paolo; Pellegrini, Andrea; Merolla, Giovanni; Campi, Fabrizio; Porcellini, Giuseppe (2012)
      Clavicle fractures are very common injuries in adults (2-5%) and children (10-15%) (1) and represent the 44-66% of all shoulder fractures (2). Despite the high frequency the choice of proper treatment is still a challenge ...
    • Anatomy and surgery of the endoscopic endonasal approach to the skull base 

      Solari, Domenico; Villa, Alessandro; De Angelis, Michelangelo; Esposito, Felice; Cavallo, Luigi Maria; Cappabianca, Paolo (2012)
      The midline skull base is an anatomical area, which extends from the anterior limit of the anterior cranial fossa down to the anterior border of the foramen magnum. For many lesions of this area, a variety of skull base ...
    • 18F-FDG PET and PET/CT in the localization and characterization of lesions in patients with ovarian cancer 

      Caprio, Maria Grazia; Capacchione, Daniela; Mainolfi, Ciro; Spera, Anna Maria; Salvatore, Barbara; Cella, Laura; Salvatore, Marco; Pace, Leonardo (2012)
      Aim: The aim was to compare the imaging findings of 18F-fluorodeoxyglucose (18F-FDG) PET and integrated PET/CT in patients with primary, recurrent or metastatic ovarian cancer. Materials and methods. 21 women with ovarian ...