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    • Hegel and the Experience of Forgiveness. Starting from the spirit of Christianity 

      Caramelli, Eleonora (2017)
      The aim of this paper is to explore the theme of forgiveness in Hegelian philosophy - especially as it appears in the early text The Spirit of Christianity and Its Fate and in the Phenomenology of Spirit - with the aim of ...
    • Report of the Conference Cultures, Hopes and Conflicts. The Mediterranean between Land and Sea 

      Olgun, Zeynep; Zavagno, Luca (2017)
      Report of the Conference about the Mediterranean held at the University of Salerno in September 2017, involving scholars of several disciplines.
    • The economic ethics of Islam 

      Barbieri, Andrea Salvatore Antonio (2017)
      Islam could provide the world with an essential tool to overcome inequality: the Islamic finance, based on the ethical principles of Quran and Sunnah. According to these principles, indeed, the Islamic bank should aim to ...
    • The ineffable joy of forgiveness 

      Caiffa, Ramon (2017)
      The article analyses the concept of forgiveness, in the context of the contemporary debate, especially in French philosophy. The study concerns four main points: we will consider the notion of forgiveness as the main gift, ...