<b>INDEX</b> <li>1. Piazza P MANAGEMENT OF SEPSIS IN ASPLENIC PATIENTS - EDITORIAL VIEW (1) <li>2. Serio B, Pezzullo L, Giudice V, Fontana R, Annunziata S, Ferrara I, Rosamilio R, De Luca C, Rocco M, Montuori N, Selleri C OPSI THREAT IN HEMATOLOGICAL PATIENTS. (2-9) <li>3. Del Guercio L, Narese D, Ferrara D, Butrico L, Padricelli A, Porcellini M CAROTID AND VAGAL BODY PARAGANGLIOMAS (10-15) <li>4. Merolla G, Nastrucci G, Porcellini G SHOULDER ARTHROPLASTY IN OSTEOARTHRITIS: CURRENT CONCEPTS IN BIOMECHANICS AND SURGICAL TECHNIQUE (pp. 16-28) <li>5. Francesco Polese, M. Capunzo THE DETERMINANTS OF TRANSLATIONAL MEDICINE SUCCESS - A MANAGERIAL CONTRIBUTION (29-34) <li>6. Romano R, Parisi V, Pastore F, Riccio A, Petraglia L, Allocca E, Leosco D GENETIC TEST FOR THE CHANNELOPATIES: USEFUL OR LESS THAN USEFUL FOR PATIENTS? (PART II) (35-40) <li>7. Parisi V, Ratto E, Silvestri C, Pastore F VENTRICULAR SEPTAL DEFECT: THE THREE-DIMENSIONAL POINT OF VIEW (41-42)

Recent Submissions

  • Ventricular septal defect: the three-dimensional point of view 

    Parisi, Valentina; Ratto, E.; Silvestri, C.; Pastore, Fabio (2013)
    This case highlights the clinical usefulness of three-dimensional (3D) echocardiography. The diagnosis of inter-ventricular septal defect associated with aortic regurgitation has been performed in a 50-year-old man using ...
  • Genetic test for the channelopaties: useful or less than useful for patients? (part 2.) 

    Romano, Rosalba; Parisi, Valentina; Pastore, Fabio; Riccio, A.; Petraglia, Laura; Allocca, Elena; Leosco, Dario (2013)
    The advanced knowledge about genetic diseases and their mutations has widened the possibility to have a more precise and definitive diagnosis in many patients, but the use of genetic testing is still controversial. Actually, ...
  • Shoulder arthroplasty in osteoarthritis: current concepts in biomechanics and surgical technique 

    Merolla, Giovanni; Nastrucci, Guglielmo; Porcellini, Giuseppe (2013)
    Shoulder arthroplasty is a technically demanding procedure to restore shoulder function in patients with severe osteoarthritis of the glenohumeral joint. The modern prosthetic system exploit the benefits of modularity and ...
  • Carotid and vagal body paragangliomas 

    Del Guercio, Luca; Narese, Donatella; Ferrara, Doriana; Butrico, Lucia; Padricelli, Andrea; Porcellini, Massimo (2013)
    Between 1972 and 2012, 25 patients presenting 32 paragangliomas of the neck were observed. Tumor locations included the carotid body (CBTs) in 21 patients and the vagus nerve in 4. Four patients had bilateral CBT and one ...
  • OPSI threat in hematological patients 

    Serio, Bianca; Pezzullo, Luca; Giudice, Valentina; Fontana, Raffaele; Annunziata, Silvana; Ferrara, Ida Lucia; Rosamilio, Rosa; De Luca, C.; Rocco, Monia; Montuori, Nunzia; Selleri, Carmine (2013)
    Overwhelming post-splenectomy infection (OPSI) is a rare medical emergency, mainly caused by encapsulated bacteria, shortly progressing from a mild flu-like syndrome to a fulminant, potentially fatal, sepsis. The risk of ...
  • Management of sepsis in asplenic patients 

    Piazza, Ornella (2013)
  • The determinants of translational medicine success - A managerial contribution 

    Polese, Francesco; Capunzo, Mario (2013)
    Scope of Translational Medicine is to speed the development of new compounds of medical protocols and/or treatments to improve patient’s quality of life. Translational medicine represents the synergy between epidemiology, ...